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Old 01-12-2023, 04:19 PM
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Default Is steam clean better?

Is steam clean better?
First little known fact: Professional steam cleaners don't always use "steam" which can damage and shrink carpets. Instead, this method often relies on "warm water" and suction to extract soil and stains from your carpets and upholstery. So why use the word "steam"? Who would buy Warm Water Carpet Cleaning!
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This poses an obvious question that is best answered by a local auto mechanic since he deals with oily greasy every day. Imagine him trying to clean his greasy hand with just warm water. It doesn't work very well. Everyone knows oil and water don't mix unless soap is applied. Steam cleaners will remove easy-loose dirt from the surface, giving the appearance of being 'clean', but they are not as effective at removing deep-in dirt and grime.
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clean test:
How is your carpet really cleaned with steam cleaning?
Within several days of some steam cleaning, shadows from previous dirty areas will begin to appear. Within a few weeks, many of these dirty areas may be visible again, but you'll just blame yourself, the kids, or the pets and not the steam cleaning method.
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Do Steam Cleaners Use Soap?
The company doing steam cleaning usually mist a light spray of soap onto your carpet with a sprayer like the one shown here. There is almost no penetrating power behind this spray nozzle so the soap only coats the top surface of the carpet fibers. It does not penetrate deep where most dirt is found.

They will tell you "steam" will force the soap deeper but in fact, there is only a small fraction of a second for this to happen before the wand (shown here on the right) is sucking it back on. اسعار شركة تنظيف سجاد بالرياض

So let's ask the local mechanic again, what he thinks. He will tell you to spray soap on his hands and immediately rinse it off without scrubbing, just touching the grim surface. His hands will still be very dirty. For any soap to clean effectively, it must have a chance to penetrate the grease and break its molecular knot. The soap should be forced deeper into the carpet. Not unlike a mechanic who has to rub his hands while applying soap to loosen the grease bond. شركات غسيل سجاد بالرياض

All carpet cleaning soaps should be given a chance to work. It should also penetrate deep to where you find most of the dirt. Steam cleaning does not scrub and this cannot be achieved even if the soap they use is of the highest quality. What about the soap manufacturer claims? Their claims are only half the story as they will also tell you that application technique matters as much as its formula ingredients. If you do not apply it properly, it cannot work effectively.
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